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successful and it's utterly wrong. because they're driving america. >> sean: utterly. >> stop it. they're driving america to bankruptcy. they doesn't say a word about the debt, which goes up and up. >> sean: one quick question for dana because we had a battle last week on the program. i, stuart and i want to be more-- want the republicans to be more aggressive. you think that-- >> they should be more persuasive. >> sean: but, you want-- how do you, you want to negotiate? >> to be aggressive on the merits and persuade people that your ideas based on facts, experience and looking at all of the evidence, would be better for the country, rather than just-- >> we've got to go, i can see joe biden, and i'm going to die and he's going to drill out any gold in my teeth. are you old enough to have gold in your teeth. >> sean: no, many i'm-- >> and liberty and-- >> i'm not against that. >> and in favor of growth, optimism and liberty, aggressively so. >> i'm with you.
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>> sean: i love a good fight. >> and it's freezing in here. >> sean: i'm sorry, i like it cold. you don't want me to sweat. that's all the time left this evening, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the record and we'll see you here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> tonight, the first big showdown of president obama's second term. it it just started with the g.o.p. insisting it's time for congress to finally do its job and you'll hear from senator rob portman and the news media telling president obama to go for the throat of the g.o.p. tonight he's fighting back and blaming his critics, all that and much more ahead. on the record starts right now. >> we should start with spending and debt. >> we haven't had a budget here for almost four years. >> in washington d.c., and i think we can agree on one thing that the worst-run institution in america is the united states congress. we need to do something different. >> i've never had this happen in my lifetime. i've never been alive where there is a genuine viceral
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fear of action by government against individuals. >> it's my hope that the president will finally be willing to do what republicans have been asking him to do since his first inauguration four years ago. >> i'm very glad that they-- i want to congratulate the house for directing people's attention to the failure of the senate under leader reid to bring us a budget to the floor. >> we support the idea that that ought not to be a political football that by becoming that, does damage to our economy. >> without any question, obama's real objective is not just obamacare, but it's to eliminate any political opposition, to just wipe them off the map and the media is now telling them not only will they help, but offering advice how to do it. >> who does that look like to you? >> for the past couple of weeks, this is how we've heard about jodi arias. >> do you know who that is? >> it looks like jodi.
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>> prosecutors working as hard as they can to send her to death row, but tonight, we hear about jodi in a different way. it happens here, her home for now, the maximum security tower in the jail in phoenix. i was given exclusive access to this units and i met jodi. >> how are you feeling. >> this is jodi's room here, a cell. it's a small room, windows at the top and three burnings and only jodi's's in the middle and her roommate's down here. >> to the a tax threat, and nicolas sarkozy and his wife are thinking escaping france to avoid a huge tax. >> and sarkozy and his wife carla bruney except the tax rate of 75% proposed by his successor francois hollande. >> what's in the wine with that tax rate?
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come on. >> got everyone running. >> yeah, exactly. >> all that and much more straight ahead. first, the democrat-led senate has not passed a budget since prime minister's first ye president obama's first year in office and now the so-called no budget, no pay proposal. >> when i grew up, i had a lot of jobs and i had to work to get paid to do those jobs, so when i flipped burgers at mcdonald's or mowed lawns or painted houses i did the work and i got paid. i didn't get paid if i didn't do the work. it's the basic concept here, you do the work you get paid you don't do the work you shouldn't get paid. >> senator rob portman joins us. >> good to see you, greta. >> should be american people be outraged now that the house is suggesting a stop-gap measure and the president seemed obliged it that, should the american people are
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outraged we're sort of limping along. >> sure, 5 trillion dollars ago is the last time the senate had a budget. unbelievable, the debt has gone up by 5 trillion dollars and yet for almost four years now there hasn't been a budget and with a budget, as you know, comes regular poured meaning you have the appropriations process, so you actually have some oversight over government. instead what we do are the stop gap bills that, you know, frankly, we're not doing the work. so, the democrats in the senate, i think, are now going to have to respond and actually put together a budget. you can do it, by the way, with 51 votes you don't need 60 votes. they've got 55, plenty of democrats to do it and hopefully work with us and make it bipartisan. you need to get the debt and deficit under control. >> well, the president put one on the table last time and the house republicans, but harry reid has essentially stopped unless everyone puts one on the table there can't be discussion and reconciliation. why does senator harry reid hold back on the at the least putting something in play?
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maybe won't get everything he wants. >> budgets are tough and you have to make decisions and doesn't want to put his members through it. the last couple of years the president's budget came to the floor of the senate and the house and did know the receive a single republican vote or democratic vote. >> at least he tried, he put something in place. >> exactly. >> and it was never going to work. he's required to do so under law and he did, but it was a political document. it wasn't one that democrats could support. >> isn't the senate required to do one as well? >> under the rules, they should. but this is an action forcing event and that's good. >> when is the president's budget due? >> it's been announced it's going to be delayed until half february, the march time frame. we'll see what he comes up with. maybe not having got a single republican and democratic vote might change it and make it more realistic. we look at the president's budget the last couple years and adds trillions this spending and current debt
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16 1/2 trillion which is $130,000 per household, town over 20 trillion dollars, over the next four years, so, we've got to get this thing under control otherwise we're never going to have the kind of economic recovery we all hope for. you and i talked about the president's speech a little bit and his inaugural address. he started off saying the economy is doing fine and kind of left that behind. it's not doing fine and it won't be until we get that deficit. >> and why do you think he said that? do you think he believed it or hoped it or the polite thing to say? >> i think he didn't want to talk about it. this is the question a lot of people have, why are there fewer people working today than four years ago? and by saying it at the beginning and kind of saying the economy is improving, so, forget that part. and then on the debt and deficit, you would not have listened to that speech and thought that we were living in a country with record debt. that's again, impacting the economy today and will future generations and deficits over a trillion dollars a year, you just wouldn't have thought that and the speech had some good parts, i thought.
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i like the themes of unity and i like to talk about opportunity. >> i know, but the themes of unity, i don't know if the american people can be sold on the theme of ooh unity anymore, because we don't have it and look, i know that president obama gets opposed by the republicans, but whatever party in power gets opposed by the opposing party, i mean, that's what politics is all about. but the job of a leader is to somehow figure a way around that. >> exactly. >> finding common ground. >> what is it is, it's still a job. answer can't be they're against me and it can't be, i'm not saying it's an easy job, but it can't be the answer. >> the republicans are willing to work with him to address the figure issues, but you have to start off by acknowledging them aen for the president to say with regard to the debt and deficit we don't have to talk about tough decisions, the generation that built the country doesn't need to be pitted against the younger generation and that everything, you know, can work out fine without making tough decisions, well, unfortunately, the president's not showing the leadership that's needed to say, we do
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have a spending problem, we've got to address it. the incredibly important entitlement programs which are vital, but unsustainable in the current form, must be reformed and it requires presidential leadership. >> is the senator-- not senator, but vice-president biden, is he easier to work with? i mean, the senate find him a better sort of negotiator for him? >> well,'s been willing to talk and this is what happened several years ago when he and mitch mcconnell were able to talk, and it happened two years ago and he's someone who is able to interact with the house and senate and try to come up with a solution and look, we've got big problems. the country is in trouble. we need to work together. but it it requires presidential leadership and we've not seen that we haven't seen it with regard to the budget as we've said, but he we haven't seen it in terms of economic growth. we need pro growth tax reform, regularly relief, what it takes to get this economy moving. it's not just about restraining the spending which has to happen in order for us to avoid becoming greece, but it's also about us getting this economy moving again and
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things we can and should do together. >> senator, nice to see you. >> thanks, greta. >> talk about taking sides, last night we told, but a prominent member of the news media giving president obama advice. while it was no ordinary device. cbs political director john dickerson calling for president obama to pull vverize and go for the throat of the g.o.p. and tonight xang his words, byron joins us, is he trying to defend them, backpedal, dig in his heels deeper or being flip? what's your thought. >> he's trying to say they were not his personal thoughts. >> whose were they? >> he said people misunderstood the article, thought he was trying to give the president some sort of personal advice when in fact he was just analyzing the situation of what president obama should have to do. i think the problem is, is that if anyone makes just a good faith read of the article in which he says, you know, if president obama wants to be
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consequential, if he wants to be a transformtive president then he should destroy the obama wants to be an important consequential transformtive president and so the advice is destroy the g.o.p. and it's there on a couple of occasions he says his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents. >> i sometimes use sharp, caustic terms and don't shoot the messenger and say stuff i don't mean. and do you get the sense he's flamboyant in his speech or get the spends this is exactly what his mission was in this article, what he was giving advice to the president to do? >> well, i mean, i know john and i've known him for quite a while and he's not given to crazy statements and provocative statements like this. as a matter of fact, he's asked some really pointed questions that got enormously interesting answers out of politicians, i think he was the one who asked george w. bush at a press conference whether he had -- were there
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any mistakes he wanted to do over in his presidency and bush couldn't think of one. it was a really interesting moment and that was because of the question that he had asked. i don't think he's given to making wild statements at all. >> it wasn't sort of a gaffe at the-- on the fly, it was in a 2000 word piece. >> i'll say there's a school of thoughts right now among democrats that the way for president obama to win now is essentially to put his boot on the neck of republicans and try to just, you know, completely destroy them. >> well, that's you said the school of thought within the democrats. is it the school of thought within cbs news or john dickerson or the media? >> i can't tell what you they're thinking, but certainly there are a number of opinion journalists who agree with this. >> is he an opinion journalist? >> no, the political director of cbs, but also by the way, rights for slate and the article was in slate and prides itself on being edgy and interesting and saying a little bit provocative kind of
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stuff so i think there's a little bit of conflict between those two roles, one, writing for a pretty opinionated publication, slate. and two, being the political director for cbs. which is supposed to be straight down the middle. >> and tonight, he's cbs has made a statement he hasn't quote, explained it, but he's dug in his heels more. >> he says he was not offering advice, if you thought he was offering advice. >> you're wrong. >> the president should do this, you're wrong. >> the words speak for themselves. byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> another huge, huge french celebrity may be freeing his country to dodge a potential 75% tax rate. it's not just any celebrity, it's the former president of france. nicolas sarkozy. and the co-anchor of markets now, and fox business network, he joins us, and well, that's an interesting thought, the president moving on? >> boy, can you imagine a former president of the u.s. fleeing the u.s. because of high tax rates? actually it's not that far-fetched. and what sarkozy is doing, the ultimate insult, greta, he may
10:14 pm
move to russia, russia has a 13% flat tax rate, far lower than the 40% marginal tax rate we've got now going on in the u.s. the thing is, this is spreading now to the u.s. in 2011, 1800 americans renounced the u.s. citizenship. that was more than '07, '08, '09 combined. i'll bet you it's a higher number for 2012 when it comes in and i bet you it it goes up in 2013. the obama administration and the democrats, they're so happy and gloating about smacking those tax rates on the rich and there's this new assumption, this politically correct assumption that you know what? you rich people, you're going to bend over and take that spanking because we raised rates on you so there. when you soak the rich, the rich start packing and they'll go elsewhere. and golfer, phil mickleson might do that. >> the former president of france is also, he's going to london he says or the u.k., because he wants to develop his business opportunity, but he's also got a few little
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legal problems that many suspect that he's trying to avoid, allegations of corruption and fraud, so that might have a dual purpose if indeed he goes to london. >> that's true, but that 75% marginal tax rates on all earnings over a million dollars that france wants to slap on the rich. that had to be a factor as well. i mean, when you do that, look at phil mickleson, with the california raising its tax on the rich by 30%, to 13.3% in addition to the tax increases on the u.s., he faces a marginal tax rate now of 62%, he came out and said i'm going it it take drastic measures and he scaled it back and apologized, and he ought to move to florida, no personal income tax save an instant 13% of his income. here is the thing, greta, what the guys are doing at the very top shows that tens of thousands, millions of people are going to be doing also, for every dollar that our
10:16 pm
government has in taxes, we spend 35% trying to stop the government from collecting an extra dollar. adopt a flat tax and don't spend 350 billion an or more a year on accountants and lawyers. >> dennis, as always, thank you. now to the video that will keep you on the edge of your seat. surveillance cameras capturing this on the madrid, spain metro. a woman faints on the platform and falls on to the track. passengers panic knowing a train is go to roar into the station and a police officer crushes in, jumping on the tracks and grabs the woman on the off the track on the opposite side and dragged on to the platform and the train came in seconds later and tomorrow is the day that secretary of state hillary clinton will testify on capitol hill about benghazi. she will appear before the senate foreign affairs and house foreign affairs committee. she was scheduled to testify about the benghazi terror attack last month, but got seriously sick, dehydrated and suffered a concussion and a blood clot. tomorrow night we are going to
10:17 pm
bring you complete coverage of secretary clinton's testimony. and senator john mccain and marco rubio will be here to go on the record. and straight ahead, texas has an invitation for new york's gun owners move to texas and bring your guns with you. so, what's behind this unusual offer? texas attorney general greg abbott is here to tell you next and also a rare look at the woman accused of slaughtering her ex-boyfriend in the shower. we are going to take you inside jodi arias' prison cell to see her life behind bars and plus, you'll hear from her prison mates. you'll be surprised what she has to say and rush limbaugh had a new target. here is a hint, it's someone in the media. rush will tell you all about it coming up. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards!
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>> there could be a stampede to texas that is if texas attorney general greg abbott has his way, trying to lure new yorkers, the texas attorney general greg abbott post on facebook, move to texas where you keep your guns. why is he trying to lure new yorkers to texas? attorney general abbott joins us, good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> the story has gotten complicated. what started this, i guess the newtown shooting and governor cuomo's gun control measures and the newspaper in new york publishing names and your facebook telling new yorkers to move there and of course the shooting in your state. you know, it's gotten so complicat complicated, so ugly. your thoughts about this tonight? >> well, several things. first, our hearts and our players go out to the families of those who were shot today at a college just north the houston. and the same thing goes with regard to the shooting that took place in connecticut, no
10:22 pm
parent believes that schools should be in the way that a child should get shot at school and when the parent gets dropped off the school they expect to pick up that child that very same day. and we need to make sure amidst this debate we need to remain calm and address the problems appropriately and at the same time use this debate to look at broader issues it nationally which is the purpose of me taking out that ad in new york, because the point there was to show the contrast between big government in new york and limited government in texas and in new york, you have higher taxes, more government, more regulation and yet, less liberty and more importantly, fewer jobs and now the governor is trying to constrict people's liberty more. whereas in texas we have lower taxes, less government. fewer regulations, more jobs and more liberty. and so, the point is to point out to our fellow americans that there are different philosophies in this country, and if you look at the
10:23 pm
competing large states, you will see that texas provides one political and philosophical point of view where states like new york and california provide another. and it's texas that is creating the jobs. >> well, you know, what's interesting about this. i walked in and stopped at bret baier's office and he looked rather grim. and i said what's wrong with you. he said another school shooting and i said not a grade school. he said no. and we got no numb to this i thought, college wasn't as bad as grade school which is sick and twisted. they're all horrible and college kids are young people, but we have so many of these that all across the radar screen that it's very difficult, now we're fighting about everything in the nation, about how to short of stop this. >> right. and greta, the most important point here, and that is if our goal is to keep schools safe, we need to keep that in mind and the not get misled into
10:24 pm
trying to come up with some false solutions that would provide a false sense of security. and the easiest example in houston first for the viewers, so everyone knows, this wasn't a shooter who broke out in this college in houston, this was apparently gang related and it was one attacker on another and there was a bystander who was injured in the process. this was not a school shooting like what you saw in connecticut, but, obviously, all shootings in school are bad. but you need to understand also, in texas right now, the time the shooting took place there was a law that prohibits guns on campus. so, once again, the only person on campus with a gun was a law breaker. and so we need to be cautious how we go about the process of considering guns, remembering, also, look at columbine. columbine shooting took place at a time when there was an assault weapons ban. the shooting that took place in connecticut and guns were prohibited where the guns took place and even president obama
10:25 pm
admitteds practices to crack down on gun crime would not have solved the problem in connecticut. >> and our hearts go out to the people at that college. let me turn around the question. are you going to run for governor for the state of texas as a republican and challenge governor perry? >> greta, as you might imagine from the issues we're facing this very day, from the issues that we're seeing come out of washington this month, and from the issues we're addressing in our state legislature right now, we don't have time to focus on politics, politics will take care of itself later on. right now we need to take care of the business of the state of texas, as well as this country. >> i saw some reference though that you told donors you were thinking about it just, in the last two weeks, it can't be-- you've got to sort of look to the future and sort of plan. so is it on your radar screen? >> well, again, we're in a legislative session that will end at the end of may and
10:26 pm
politics can play out after that time. right now, we need to work on keeping texans safe, working on these challenges the country is facing and taking care of the business of the people of the state of texas. >> attorney general, thank you. and i note if there wasn't a yes, but there was not a no as well. so i guess it's stay tuned. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> and coming up, she is accused of viciously slitting her ex-boyfriend's throat in the shower. what's life like for jodi arias now behind bars? we're going to take you inside a maximum security prison and you'll hear from the prisoners who see her every day, plus, our legal panel. that's next. and unnecessary roughness in the nfl playoffs, but it wasn't on the field and it wasn't done by football players. that's right, it's their wives. it turns out they hit harder than their husbands.
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and save $500 on our special edition bed set. now at the sleep number white sale. >> you've seen her in the
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courtroom. the woman accused of shooting and stabbing and slitting her ex-boyfriend's throat in the shower. and troy hayden got access inside a phoenix maximum security prison. >> what does that look like to you. >> that's jodi. >> for the past couple of weeks this is how we've heard of jodi arias. >> you know who that is? >> that looks like jodi. >> prosecutors work to hard to send her to death row. tonight, we hear about jodi in a different way and it happens here, her home for now. the maximum security tower jail in phoenix. i was given exclusive access to this unit and i met jodi. >> how are you feeling. >> spoke together for some time. and because of her case on the advice of attorneys she did not want to appear on camera and i promised not to reveal some things we talked about, but i'd show the viewers how
10:31 pm
she's living. >> this is jodi's room here, a small cell, tiny window up at the top. three burninnks, and only two a occupied and jodis in the middle and roommate's right here and small writing desk and some lotions and toilet and basin. she's locked down in here with her cell mate. 10 p.m. at night to 6 in the morning. as i was shooting, something interesting happened. all of jodi's pod-mates held up handwritten notes, free jodi. they stood in a line of solidity and soon learned the troubled women were circling the wagon around the friends, maybe surrogate family members. >> she comes in with a smile on her face, anybody who knows her like i would, knows she's hurting inside. she can't show it to us, if she comes in hurting, we'll go what's wrong, we'd talk about it. if i was on trial for two weeks, i wouldn't want to talk about it i had smile and maybe
10:32 pm
sure that everybody thought i was fine, but she's not, she's hurting inside. >> because of the nature of her charges she's in one of the higher security units where officers can keep a close watch on her. >> she may feel she has nothing to lose so we keep an eye on all of them. >> jodi told me one of the ways she occupies herself in jail is with her art. she showed me some of her drawings and paintings, landscapes, portraits, but some of the most vivid portraits were of jodi herself created inside these concrete walls by those who say they now know her best. >> she has the biggest heart in the world and a lot of people don't think it, but you know, she does, she has an incredible heart. >> she needs your guy's prayers and an amazing person and would do anything to help any of his girls in here and love her very much. >> the roles could be reversed in jodi's case, he could be the one on trial for her, you know what i mean? it could be reversed and people don't think about that, people don't think about the fact that she is here by
10:33 pm
protecting herself. >> and that's an argument that jodi is betting her life on. >> greta: and ksaz anchor troy hayden is here. did she seem the least bit worried about her fate? >> we talked a little about the case and she asked me not know talk about that and maybe the when the trial is over. i left with three big questions about jodi arias, a master manipulator, a great access, are there two jodis, as i was talking to her, talking about a number of things, two feet, at the whole time i could barely think about what she sass saying, you, you're the person who did this to travis alexander, she admitted she cut his throat, and looked like somebody's littlester, hair in a pony tail, slight, fracture guile, child-like about almost bird hands and trying to wrap my
10:34 pm
mind around the fact that she's the one who did this. >> and you know, the other inmates there, i was not surprised by what they said, i mean, sort of, there is i did criminal defense work for years, there's sort after jail culture and everybody inside is innocent and stands by everybody inside. they're very, you know, tight-knit group. i wasn't surprised at that. and that actually seemed pretty predictable to me, but you know, to people seeing this for the first time they must be amazed, don't you think? >> yeah, and let me tell you about how tight they were. so jodi left the room very upset when we came in with the cameras and left that part asked to be taken out and talked to the pod mates and when she was brought back in, they said jodi show troy what you're really like and your drawings and sing for them. so greta put on a four song concert for me, and the star spangled banner and she is are hardened women, accused of doing awful things. at the end of the star
10:35 pm
spangled banner with jodi singing, about half of them openly weeping they love her in there. i'm no advocate for jodi arias, but as far as in prison she's popular in her pod. >> greta: indeed she is and she's facing a lot when she goes back to court. a tough road ahead of her. troy, thank you. >> you bet. >> greta: and you just saw from troy's package that jodi arias draws and paints in prison and now, unthe headline, never dull, her supporters are auctioning her art work online to raise money for her. check out the huffington post, accused money, jodi arias makes killing on ebay, did they intend to use the word killing or was that a slip. >> joining us michael car dosa and ted williams and bernie grimm. ted, first to you, this woman, boy, she certainly has dazzled her jail friends. >> yeah, you know, it's not
10:36 pm
difficult, you know, to dazzle jail friends, but to say free jodi? jodi is hurting inside. she has the biggest heart. this is a woman who stabbed a man 27 times, then slashed his throat, shot him, tried to cover it up by taking the camera and putting it it in the washing machine and she's got a heart? give me a break!. >> greta: well, she had not yet been convicted, but i have to agree, ted, as i said, i don't know how she's going to get out. i mean, this one the evidence at least from the outside, the limited evidence i have seen seems quite overwhelming against her. >> and if anyone knows, ted know, scorned by women and when he gets this opportunity he goes on and on and on. >> i don't know the evidence in this case, i don't know if the woman was a battered woman. >> the pictures on the camera, got the sort of, you know, got the blood, and i mean-- >> she was arrested she said it was, she didn't do it. >> three different stories. >> self-defense and then two masked intruders, it's
10:37 pm
completely, completely feasible for clients to go in and lie to the police about what happened. i've had done a lot of times. >> the camera pictures, where she said, you know, looked like she'd been with him that day, i mean-- >> and slashing the throat and shooting 27 times and all that stuff. >> and sagun stolen from the grandparents. could be passion i want to-- >> could be consistent with guilt. michael? >> what all of this tells me is exactly how dangerous jodi is. i prosecuted when i was in that business over 40 murder cases and i sat down with a lot of those men and talked with them. some of them are absolutely fascinating. some of them will talk to you for hours, but there's something about them, something about the way they solve their problems, they don't solve them in court. they don't solve them in any other legal manner, they don't
10:38 pm
solve them logically, they them with violence. there are two jodi's and the jodi that did this is an absolutely horrendous abberant person. she -- 27 times stabbing someone? cutting them on the throat from ear to ear? come on, she is so guilty and so manipulative, i don't know what to say about her. she's absolutely-- >> michael, michael, michael, take this also, into consideration, that after she was-- she stabbed and killed this guy, she gets in the car, drives to utah to a friend's place, makes with somebody else there and meets with a friend acts like she's cool hand luke. this woman has ice water in her veins, a pure killer as far as i'm concerned. >> and bernie is not certain. anyway, a quick break. >> bernie take her home. >> we're going to talk to bernie during the break. coming up, big news in another trial. a pastor is accused of murdering not one, but two
10:39 pm
wives and tonight a verdict in the first murder trial. did he dodge the bullet this time? the latest is next and in two minutes, movies with a twist of politics, a popular juice bar charging customers extra because of their political beliefs. who has to pay more, liberals or conservatives? and what do the customers have to say about that? that's just two minutes away. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage,
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>> forget protein and juice bars are charging customers who identify themselves as liberal higher prices and customers with liberal leanings have to pay a dollar for the extra smoothies. and the owner says that rib ral policies are bankrupting our country and he wants to raise money for causes. how do the customers feel about the partisan tax and some say they love the smoothies and will support the
10:42 pm
juice bar and others disagree saying it's not right to punish people for their opinions and tomorrow night you'll hear from juice bar owner george burnett right here to go on the record. you don't want to miss it, right now we want to know what you think, would you pay extra for a smoothie to stand up for your political party. go to we're back in two minutes. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? [ male announcer ] to hold a patent that has changed the modern world... would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber...
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10:44 pm
>> tonight a verdict in the first murder case of the pennsylvania pastor accused of murdering two wives. arthur shermer was just found guilty of murdering wife number two, whose name is betty. and it's not over for the pastor, bob, do you know what is the reaction of the defendant, pastor when he was convicted. is there any report? >> well, we do know his family was extremely emotional. the courtroom was very split on both sides, both family
10:45 pm
members of his second wife, betty jean schirmer, and thur schirmer's family behind him. and betty jean's family was emotional and happy with the verdict, actually cheering out. whereas very crushed defeat on the side of the fence of the family. >> greta: the pastor needs to be sentence $for this murder and i'm sure exercise his right to appeal, but goes to trial for the other wife died under suspicious circumstances. do you know when that trial was scheduled to begin and what's the plan to get a jury that hasn't heard about the first murder trial. >> at least we know the trial was tentatively set for early march in lebanon county in the death of his first wife, who the circumstances, she died of vac vacuuming and fallen down some stairs according to the initial police report. now, the district attorney in lebanon county determined that potentially will be delaying that trial at least until the
10:46 pm
sentencing seemingly is done, in northeastern pa. >> greta: any girlfriend appear in the courtroom for him. he had two ex-wifes, but apparently got caught because he was having an affirm with the secretary and the husband found out about it. outside of his family did he have any girlfriends or anyone show up to support him? >> not, i wouldn't say supported him. we had at least one of the former girlfriends testify on the stand as part of some of the information that kind of led to the psyche of arthur schirmer, but that's what initially alerted the police, something potentially suspicious going on with the pastor in northeastern pa, namely caused the husband of that secretary to take his own life inside the parish rectory. >> greta: bob, thank you very much. and now, let's go back to our legal panel. bernie, since this one's for you. >> yeah, yeah, since everybody ganged up on me in the last
10:47 pm
one. >> greta: we feel sorry for you. >> this is' plenty of people in prison that need spiritual gienz a guidance and now there will be a pastor. and his lawyer says accidents happen. first wife vacuuming falls down and blunt force drama. and the second wife into the windshield. >> if accidents like that happen, i want this guy to buy me a powerball ticket. >> ted and i said if the second murder comes in, he was going to be torched. the jury was outur and a half on this. >> well, i have a problem with the judge letting in that killing of the first wife. i think that certainly would have had some influence on the jury. i think that when you look at this case and the totality of circumstances, you have an affair the pastor is having, you have minor damage to the automobile, no air bag
10:48 pm
inflated. blunt force drama to two women and the testimony that came in about the first wife, that's damning. >> greta: michael, people must-- if you're on a jury and hear somebody is convicted or suspicious in another murder of the wife you can't help think where there's smoke there's fire. but that's not the way the law looks at it. you take individual trials on both. what are you doing-- he's got to have a fair trial. how do you make sure he has a fair tile. >> ted is right and bernie is right as soon as that second or actually his first wife's death came in front of this jury, this trial was over, it became a slam-dunk for the district attorney in this trial, it was game over right then. these two type of things just don't happen. and how do you protect them? you keep that one out. but once the judge lets it it in, bam, game over.
10:49 pm
now, in this case, i've got to tell you defense attorneys look for moral victories, we say after a case solver, well, now, i kept the jury out a couple of days or i kept them out a week or i hung it up, i hung count two up, but in this case they were out an hour and a half, i've got to tell you, that is a very, very quick murder verdict. so, the jury had no doubt about it it. i mean, he they went back, probably went to the restroom, came back and said anybody think this guy is not guilty? nobody? let's bring the verdict back. that's how quick they came back. boy, wait until the next trial, everybody on that jury is going to know what happened here. there'll be another guilty i tell you. >> greta: i'll get an appeal and i'm sure one of the issues whether the jury should have heard about the other murder. >> now what the appellate court will do, you know what will happen they'll affirm it. >> greta: gentlemen, thank you, thank you, nice to see you. straight ahead, cbs news political director john
10:50 pm
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10:53 pm
>>. >> greta: rush limbaugh with moments of the day. twitter exploding with news about john dickerson telling president obama to pulverize the dwop. on >> one "on the record" viewer tweeting, anyone making such a sfaiment has no business being cbs news political director. cbs should demand his resignation. hi, cbs news, when your political director calls on obam on to pulverize and destroy g.o.p. viewers, you may have a bias problem. and now rush limbaugh, firing
10:54 pm
back at dickerson. >> we now have without any question, obama's real objective is not just obamacare, it's to eliminate any political opposition, to wipe them off the map. the media is now telling them, not only will they help, but they are offering advice on how to do it -- openly. so those of you who are continually waiting around for the media to be fair and get the story right, you are going to forever -- as i have always warned you -- be disappointed. >> now to another post inaugural controversy... ♪ [ music ]
10:55 pm
>> news tonight that beyonce lip cinked the national anthem. the washington post tweeting, beyonce lip syncing the star-spangled banner, makes me question the fundamental truths of human existence. and another tweet... says if beyonce lip synced that was best damn lip sync i've seen z justin beiber passes lady gaga as twitter's top user. check out this post from the wife wes welker. she writes proud of my husband and the pack. if anyone is bored go to the wikipedia page. yeah. when a hall of fame player. a true role model after ray after ray lewis and the baltimore ravens beat the playoffs.
10:56 pm
>> it's interesting that she criticized ray lewis because her husband was criticized by jeezle bunton last year at the super bowl because she was saying that wes welker wasn't catching the ball -- >> that's different, though. >> but he criticized -- her husband for his playing ability. she criticize audio she attacked ray lewis' character. this is personal -- she attacked his children. he may have young kid who is don't know what happened 12 years ago. so you are a sore loser, you are attack him. >> i am deeply sorry she said in my recent post on facebook, i let the competitiveness of the game and the comments, people were making about a team i love get the best of me. i sincerely to apologize to ray lewis. do i think these games for players are incredibly intense. i think she made a misstep. she is a good enough person to apologize and i think we have to
10:57 pm
honor that. >> what are your favorite tweets of the day? follow me on twitter and send me your top picks with hash tag gret a. coming up, a young man, caught on camera, flirting with one of the president's daughters. where is that young man tonight? conan will tell you. that's next. [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently.
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